The most disappointing phones of 2014

The most disappointing phones of 2014

The most disappointing phones of 2014

Website Phone Arena has created an impressive list of phones that are most disappointed this year, each for different reasons. Of course, no company is immune to failures, and they are happening and most experienced in the market. The mobile industry has this year seen a few disappointments when it comes to phones. There are three good examples of how seemingly brilliant idea can turn into a bad implementation. The three biggest disappointments in the field of mobile phones this year are certainly Amazon Fire Phone, One plus One X and Nokia phones.

Amazon Fire Phone

Bolstered by the success of its line of Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon has boldly announced the entry and the smartphone market. So on July 25 appeared Amazon Fire Phone. It is a solid phone, to specification, and equipped with a bunch of interesting and useful extras, and all at a price of $ 200 with a two-year contract. However, all of this together was not enough to convince customers that the Amazon Fire Phone worthy replacement for the Galaxy S5 or G3 LG. Amazon Fire Phone was so bad that Amazon is left with unsold units valued at $ 170 million.

The most disappointing phones of 2014

OnePlus One

Without a doubt, we can say that the OnePlus One great phone. With the design, specifications and functions of this model are a worthy rival any FlagShip this year. What is wrong with this model is the total realization of the campaign being waged in conjunction with this device. Events devices were in the style of “2014 flagship killer” and “perfect smartphone”, and this is all the user created high expectations. Rapture was even greater when the published price of the unit only 299 dollars. However, all of this is diminished when it became apparent that OnePlus One. They will not be so easy to buy. Purchase through invitations, selling at a higher price in the retail subsequently caused frustration among users. Running from September OnePlus One rejected call system and allowed regular system prednaručivanja phone, but then the initial “hype” but rather deflated.

The most disappointing phones of 2014

Nokia X Series

Do you remember the Nokia X, X +, XL and X2 phone – Nokia’s extremely affordable line of Android-based smartphone? It is no wonder if the answer is negative, since this line is not able to leave no trace of the influence of the mobile market. Microsoft this summer ended with the development of the line, with no plans for expansion in the future. Nokia X phones were cheap and well made, but were slow, limited software and somewhat unfinished. They did not have access to the Google Play store, which means that users had to install external applications. Given that decent Android phones cost a little more, Nokia X phones simply could not survive in the market.


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