Enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

Enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

Enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

Pre-Requisites to enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

1. You MUST be Rooted for this to work

2. The PAID / Donate Version of Light Flow, if yours says LIGHT FLOW LIGHT it is not officially supported by the dev !

3. Make Sure you have a fresh install of light flow so everything is set to default values to make this easy to follow.

General Settings

1. Once your in Light Flow allow it Root Access if Superuser asks and allow it accessibility access to notifications ( YOU MUST ALLOW THIS ! )

2. Hit the Three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screens and head for settings

3. Go into General Settings and make sure all the following Settings are Ticked :

– Enable Light Flow
– Show LED in Priority Mode
– Enable Clear All
– Accessibility check
– Version Upgrade Reminder ( you don’t need this one but i keep it on regardless )

*You may find that Lightflow will run in the foreground and leave a persistent notification, this is done to solve issues with the app from stopping running in some cases.
So far I have not had this issue with the Nexus 6 so you can go ahead and untick that in Settings -> Persistent Icon.

Root Settings

Back in the settings menu go into Device Settings and Root

You need to enable the following options if your system is set to SELinux – Enforcing

– Direct Mode
– Root Mode
– Run Every Command as Root
– Nexus 5 force LED Reset ( this mode does not have to be enabled unless you have issues with your LED messing up )

Enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

If your system is set to Permissive you can Untick :

– Run Every command as root
– Nexus 5 force LED Reset ( this mode does not have to be enabled unless you have issues with your LED messing up )

Per-Notification Settings

This is all the settings you need to let light flow have control of the LED, now you need to configure Notifications to use the light.

Head into the Notification settings and select one of the Default Profiles ( Im using charging battery )

You need to scroll across the screen to the tab called “LIGHT”, on this page scroll down until you see Enable Mixer Mode make sure this is ticked.

Depending on your kernel you may find you don’t need to enable Mixer mode, however its more than likely you will need mixer mode enabled !

Now you have control over the 3 Primary colors R/G/B and their brightness ( 1-20 ) – I have played with the brightness settings here and it seems to not affect the LED as of Version 3.51.1

If you are using the LED without mixer mode, you will find that it can’t display any colors that are not Red or Green or Blue it.

For example picking Orange from the color picker resulted in a Green LED.

– You have the same settings for each color however the SOLID option is the only one that seems to work !
– You can select 1 LED on or all 3 on and mix them together to make other colors but because of the led it does not work as well as the Nexus 5’s LED.

SUPERSU Settings to enable Nexus 6 LED notifications

You may find that Flightflow appears to show SU notifications constantly, this is because Show notifications is enable in your SU app.
Dive into settings and un-tick the option.


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