First smartphone using Ubuntu OS will cost between $200-400


ubuntu $200

As Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth mentioned we can expect the very first smartphones running on Ubuntu OS later this year. The price of this smartphone will be between $200-$400. In his statement he revealed the goal of the company, aiming for mid-range and high-end devices, which will be enough powerful to act as a mobile phone or desktop PC (when you connect keyboard, mouse or display).
This info didn’t come as a surprise for us, as we already knew that Ubuntu will run on a version of the Meizu MX3 and a new phone from BQ. Meizu is generally known for its quality smartphones in the medium segment of smartphone market, while BQ are well known for their premium devices.  Canonical hopes that his operating system alongside with the quality devices, will be able to rivals Apple and Samsung at the smartphone market.


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