MWC 2014: Lumia, Photoshop and BBM

Lumia, Photoshop and BBM

Lumia, Photoshop and BBM

Imagine you are Nokia Lumia user, and you read the words Lumia, Photoshop and BBM. This must be good day for you. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s executive vice president for devices and services, at the MWC 2014 announced that BBM and Photoshop are coming to Nokia Lumia devices. It was confirmed that BBM is coming within “the coming months”, so that the Windows Phone and Nokia X users will be able to enjoy the exchange of messages with their Android, iPhone or BlackBerry friends. The application will bring all essential services, including BBM Chats and BBM Groups for chatting with more than one person, BBM Voice for making free voice calls and BBM Channels to communicate about common interests. There will be new emoticons, personalized profiles, and more.

Photoshop also comes on the Lumia devices supporting Nokia’s efforts to provide a good offer in the field of image processing. Such move would certainly reduce criticism of the Windows Phone platform, which is trying to keep up with Android and iOS in the field of available applications.


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