The Huawei Honor 6 Plus price will be $400


The Huawei Honor 6 Plus price will be $400

Huawei has not yet completed the presentation of the new phones, because after we saw Huawei P8, P8 and P8 Max Lite, we will see the Huawei Honor 6 Plus in April this year. Huawei Honor 6 Plus will probably be shown at KLCC event on April 28. According to the first information, the Huawei Honor 6 plus price will be $400. Compared to its predecessor Huawei Honor 6 model will have a few differences, but here we mean the bigger screen. Huawei Honor 6 Plus phone will feature a 5.5 inch screen with 1080p resolution, as well as Lollipop Android platform. Under the hood were will be Kirin 925 processor (Huawei P8 has Kirin 930), 3 GB of RAM, a camera with two 8-megapixel sensors, which should focus faster. In addition there is a battery of 3600 mAh, which is great capacity. For selfies, there is a camera of 8 megapixel camera on the front with Sony BSI sensor.

BSI sensor is 10 times as sensitive than the previous generation. The sensor suits perfectly for security cameras and capable of shooting subjects in an environment with an illuminance of zero lux


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