What’s the Best Smartphone for Gaming?



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The range of Apple and Android smartphones available to buy on the market is bigger than ever; but with so much choice out there, the task of knowing which is the right phone to buy isn’t exactly straightforward.

For keen mobile gamers looking to get their money’s worth, it definitely pays to weigh up all the options and scout out the best spec to suit their own gaming purposes. Whether you’re going for power, affordability or user experience, we’ve compiled a handy list of your best options to make the task of choosing your next smartphone a little bit easier.

The HTC 10

This is one for all you audiophiles out there. If your taste for gaming involves the need for high quality audio then few phones can compare to the HTC 10’s reputable BoomSound HiFi Edition audio system.

Unlike previous models, the 10 takes the user’s listening experience to the next level through the clever placement of its stereo speakers – one at the top of the phone, and the other along the base. The top speaker is purpose-built for mids and trebles, while the bottom speaker is effectively a miniature subwoofer built for low end frequencies.

It’s also regarded as having among the lowest touch latencies of any smartphone out there, a vital feature for fans of responsive touchscreen games. If you’re a fan of interactive iGaming and prefer to play roulette at Betway rather than the casino floor, this could be the one for you.

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The Nexus 6P

Next up, we’ve got a very good all-rounder – the Nexus 6P from Google. The 6P is perhaps the most well-designed android in the Nexus series so far, and gets serious credit for its high resolution AMOLED display and sheer power!

In terms of performance, gaming on the 6P is a pleasure compared to many other alternatives in the same price bracket. The combination of a seriously powerful processor and highly optimized software makes a world of difference when starting, playing and closing games. Colors really do come to life on this device, largely thanks to the high quality sharpness and contrast between dark and light hues.

It also boasts a sturdy frame, relatively long battery life and a 5.7 inch screen that is among the biggest on the market. That said, it still retains a fairly slim design and is certainly usable with one hand. For those interested in memory capacity, the basic model comes with 32GB of in-built storage but there are also 64GB and 128GB versions for those in need of a little more space.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This is the super-heavyweight of mobile gaming smartphones. Honestly, if budget is no issue to you, then this is the one you have to go for every time – the ultimate mobile gaming machine. In fact, even beyond gaming purposes, many people are calling this the best smartphone in the world right now.

It has a powerful processor that’s second to none, liquid cooling function, ultra-high graphics and built-in screen recording ability. That’s not to mention the ton of nifty little features like automatically stopping alerts during game play, superfast charging plus the ability to minimize and return to the action without fear of closing the app for good.

Okay, so it’s not going to replace your Xbox or PlayStation 4 anytime soon, but for serious mobile gamers there really is no better option out there – if you’re willing to meet the hefty price tag, that is.


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