Will Nokia’s Android be presented on MWC?

Nokia's android smartphone

Nokia's android smartphone

Nokia is preparing to launch its first Android, which we will see on the upcoming event called MWC in Barcelona, along with Samsung Galaxy S5, reports the Wall Street Journal. According to a source familiar with the company’s plans, the first Nokia device on Google’s operating system will be launched for sell after MWC in Barcelona. Although since last year Nokia is owned by Microsoft, the development of this device came much earlier, according to WSJ, but until recently it was not known whether Microsoft decided to discontinue work on this model or not. However, Nokia’s Android will be different from other Android devices on the market, it will be shipped with digital services made ​​by Nokia and Microsoft, similar to Amazon Kindle, including Here maps and music services MixRadio. There is a possibility that the smartphone will not have access to any Google Play App Store. Is this source reliable or correct we can’t know, but we’ll find out after 24 February, when the MWC 2014 begins.


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