Effective SEO Keyword Research Tools for E-Commerce Success


Search engines are the greatest sources of traffic to all e-commerce sites. Every e-commerce site would be aspiring to achieve a higher ranking, and be within the top five on the SERP rankings. If you appear right at the top of a Google search inquiry, you could rapidly grow your business simply by generating more and more traffic and conversion of leads. When you perform fabulously on search engines, you would find more and more potential customers are visiting your website. You should, therefore, be very serious and dedicated to your SEO endeavors. If you wish to be right at the top of the SERP, you need to use some powerful keyword research tools.


This is surely the best WordPress plug-in available in the market today. Yoast is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers diverse characteristics. All of its characteristics and functions have been designed to help and promote e-commerce business for enhancing SEO endeavors and guiding search engines via every post, product, page, and category of your website. It would be allowing you to incorporate SEO title, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions etc. to each page and post of your website. This plug-in would be assisting you in boosting your rankings and even raise the CTRs for the organic search results. You could start using Yoast for free but the upgraded version would require a fee.


Are you looking for a nice keyword research tool? Ubersuggest may be having limited features but it could be pretty useful in generating effective keyword idea. It would be helping you effectively in determining relevant keywords to the chosen core keyword. These would be as effective as the Amazon Merchant Words.


Spyfu is a highly effective and distinctive keyword research tool. It is different from the usual keyword research tools as it would be helping you in keeping a tab on your competitors. It helps you track the most profitable keywords of your competitors, organic search, paid ads, and goes about highlighting them for your convenience. Spyfu would be collecting data from all your competitors and then provide invaluable and really useful SEO insights. Moreover, you could make a detailed and comprehensive PPC analysis by effectively identifying the most profitable keywords. It would also prevent all the money-wasting keywords. Spyfu would be finding the best ad copy.


SEOmator is supposed to be an effective in-depth website analysis, as well as, audit tool that would be enabling SEO professionals to accurately review website performance. You could successfully analyze in-depth insights of your internal web page. It becomes possible to see the issues related to the functioning and structure of the website with SEOmator crawler. It is very effective in the detection of issues related to your pages.

Rank Tracker

You no longer require devoting your efforts to time-wasting manual search engine optimization operations. Rank Tracker would be helping e-commerce firms to track automatically and accurately everyday keyword performance, as well as, competitor performance. It would help in generating advanced reports without involving any time loss thanks to its advanced features and intuitive dashboard. Now you could almost effortlessly go about compiling product-related reports, updating spreadsheets, and deconstructing SEO strategies. Rank Tracker would be automating everything for your convenience.


We have provided information regarding some of the beautifully designed and well-crafted keyword research tools for tracking, researching, and effectively optimizing your e-commerce SEO endeavors. When you integrate your strategies with these effective tools, you could see the difference and the positive impact is quite apparent in the search results.