The biggest Android tablet on the market

The biggest Android tablet on the market

The biggest Android tablet on the market

If your tablet is with diagonal of 10 or 12 inches and it is not big enough, you might be interested 20 or 24-inch tablets made by Fuhu.

Devices called Big Tab Tablets are currently the biggest Android tablet that you can buy, although we were able to see demos and much larger devices.

These giant tablet comes with plenty of fun for children, and while they are sufficiently portable that children can carry them from room to room.

Based on Android, these tablets have a special locked user interface called the Blue Morpho OS that is designed to emphasize all children’s content and give them a special feeling of use compared to conventional tablets.

The good thing about their size is that it allows two people with no trouble playing certain games at the same time.

Of course, parents with the help of code can be remove from the user interface to Big Tab used for those activities that have grown accustomed to, such as sending email, watching movies and using real applications.

And unlike other devices dedicated to children, these tablets have pretty decent hardware – Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 16GB of internal memory, HD + display (1600 x 900) for the 20-inch model and full HD (1,920 x 1,080) for the 24-inch model .

The devices will be in select markets across the world at a price of 449 and 549 dollars.

First look: Nabi Big Tab, the biggest Android kid tablet we've ever seen


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