The new Samsung GALAXY TAB4 tablet


Samsung-Galaxy-Tab4-10.1Samsung’s next generation of GALAXY TAB4 tablet offer users a fairly rich multimedia experience in a high quality and easily portable enclosure. As such, it is an excellent solution for watching movies and sharing content with friends and family. The new GALAXY TAB4 device is available in three versions, 10.1 , 8.0 and 7.0-inch WXGA screen with a 16:10 ratio image, which allows users to enjoy a unique experience when watching video content, playing games or reading digital content such as e-books. Using Multi Window option, users can easily switch between applications and windows web pages.

Galaxy-Tab4-10.1-SM-T530-Black_2The new series of GALAXY TAB4 device comes equipped with an array of services and features , which allow users to use content and stay connected with loved ones wherever they are. Thus, users of available services such as Group Play can quickly and easyly share music, games and documents in real time; Samsung Link, can be used for sharing and playback of content on smart devices, and WatchON can be used to watch television shows and movies on any device , at home or on the go. Samsung GALAXY TAB4 device will be available in black and white version of the case, and the global sale will begin at the second quarter of 2014.


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