Nokia N1 tablet in 2016?



As we already know, the agreement that Nokia has with Microsoft prevents the company to sell phones under the brand Nokia, but that agreement expires at the end of the 2016. It seems that Nokia is beginning to test hardware that will run on Android, and the example is the Nokia N1 tablet.
Although according to the leaked test of power, is a device with a 1.3 GHZ processor and display with a resolution of 1280×720, it is assumed that the device is the only platform that Nokia will develop and test software. Under the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia must not uce smartphones by 2016, which means that er company will need to produce the smartphones with the specifications of Nokia, as was the case with Foxconn for Nokia N1 tablets.
This brings more evidence supporting the rumor started by CEO of Nokia, Rahev Suri, that Nokia is interested to create a leading smart device that will run on Android. Although this is planned for 2016 and we have much time to wait, this is good news from the Finnish company. Judging by the quality of construction of the phones that work on Windows and by reputation that Nokia has in this field, Android smartphone that is strong enough to withstand the impact of concrete is a great thing. Although according to many sources it is a successor of the Nokia 1100, which will run on Android Lollipop.


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