Samsung are preparing four tablets for 2014



Samsung plans to counter Apple’s dominance in the tablet market by next year will introduce four new devices. South Korean tech giant will be its four new tablets present in the first quarter of 2014. The arrival of cheap tablet Galaxy Tab Android 3 was already confirmed, which will be available at a price of 100 euros, based on the previous information, Samsung will introduce the tablet for demanding customers, probably 12.2­inch Galaxy Note. The new Galaxy Note will have a 2.3  GHz  quad­-core Snapdragon processor, rear  camera  of  8  megapixel  camera  and 32GB  of  memory.  There  were  also  unconfirmed  information  that Samsung  plans  to  produce a tablet that can run Android OS and Windows. Statistics show that Samsung holds 20.4 percent of the worldwide tablet market, while Apple’s share was 29.6 percent in the third quarter of 2013.


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