Samsung Galaxy tablets are more popular than Apple iPad in the emerging markets

tablets ipad samsung galaxy

tablets ipad samsung galaxy

After fighting on the smartphone market, it is logical that the next great “battle” between Samsung and Apple lead in the tablet market. Strategy Analytics said that Samsung is catching up with Apple in this field, in the emerging markets too. Apple in 2012 had the highest share of all tablet markets , but during the 2013 Samsung broke out in Central and Eastern Europe ( 25 percent market share), Latin America (22.8 percent), Middle East and Africa ( 18.3 percent ).

According to research firm Strategy Analytics , Apple has lost 5.7 percent of market share in 2013 , compared to 2012 when the company shipped 74.2 million iPads , holding 32.7 percent of the market. Samsung has doubled its share to 18.3 percent, with 41.7 million tablets sold in 2013. It is expected that Samsung only in the first quarter of this year, delivering 14.6 million tablets grabbed a 23.3 percent market share. When it comes to Apple, SA explains the decline in the market share of iPad tablets due to their limited availability on the market, but they expect 33.2 percent market share during this year.


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