5 tips for a better CV directly from Google experts

5 tips for a better CV directly from Google experts

5 tips for a better CV directly from Google experts

That social networks are not just a tool for fun waste of time. LinkedIn is trying to prove its content focused on career advancement and business in general. Many content created just for those members because of its position, experience or charisma, called influential, and one of them is Laszlo Bock, whose career advice is read by over two million visitors since he’s working in the most relevant company today, Google, as their head of human resources. One of his last publication was to improve the CV, but assuming you already have a CV in any format, followed by revisions to several readers’ questions and his answers:

Should the CV contain jargon and keywords?

Yes, but in the area designated for it. Many larger companies are filtered due CV using software tools (for Google people do) that scan the keywords in the document. For this reason it is good to separate the story’ of the keywords so that the document anticipate chapter skills’ underneath all those downward current word in the industry, some of which fall under the jargon, which you of course can not describe. Do not waste your time on verbs, advises Laszlo, and writing skills to keep the descriptions under previous jobs.

Do I need to pay someone to write my CV?

Absolutely not. If you have no idea how to start, browse online databases like LinkedIn CV and look to some of the people you admire or whose career you seek, while not shamelessly copied because the people who browse CV have an eye for such details.

Is it fair cut’ people towards spelling mistakes or typos?

It does not work all the specialists in recruitment, but between two equally impressive CV will outweigh the one that is carefully composed, so take care not only about the content but also the style.

Should I deny the reasons for such a long absence from the labor market?

If the CV is inexplicable hole’ is certainly try to fill the concise explanation, whether sick leave, maternity or some informal jobs such as volunteering or still return to education or some other form of useful time spent.

Do I need to include a company where I worked in the past 20 and more years?

No. Competent HR managers know already profiled by the last few jobs and your origins are not important, especially if they are not closely related to the industry in which you work or position for which you are applying.


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