Filter Excel columns with Slicer

Filter Excel columns with Slicer

Filter Excel columns with Slicer

Slicer is a great tool that helps you filter Excel columns. In the previous versions, there was a problem with the visual identification of filtered Excel columns – this was done with a label, which exists for each name in the right column filters and it changed the shape of the case with some set of restrictions on this key. However, this label able to provide not enough information: the user is aware that the set of restrictions, but he did not see the information on what is shown and what is hidden.

Slicer is helping you to filter Excel columns by jumping as an aid in Excel 2013. You can add Slicer by clicking on the desired field, and then on the Insert ribbon tab, locate Slicer, turn on all the columns that you want to filter the table and confirm with OK. When you want to filter by using a Slicer, you need to click only on a specific item on which we want to be filtered out and displayed rows.

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl and select multiple items. The third way is the setting using the Shift key, which is elected by whole series of fields without individual involvement of each. After you finish the search, we usually want to exclude filtering and re-display all the rows of the table. It is enough to click on the Clear Filter button in the top right corner of the Slicer, while deletion of the filtering achieved by a combination Alt + C.

Slicer is convenient because visual aids in tests, but its main drawback is that it always takes a chronically scarce space on the screen, so it is convenient to remove it when not in use. Remove it by right-clicking on the Slicer call the context menu in which we find the item Remove.


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