Common WordPress issues and how to fix them


If you are an avid WordPress user, then you may have come across some common errors and wondered how to fix them. In this article, we have outlined some of the most common issues surrounding WordPress and listed the easiest ways of fixing these issues yourself without the need for seeking help from expensive WordPress business support gurus.

The issues outlined in the article are common and the fixes provided are designed to make your life easier in the long term and also give you some added ammunition to use if these issues keep coming up. We are also assuming that you have your WordPress site hosted already with one of the hosting options available and are aware of how to keep your site operating on a basic level.

Let’s get started and have a look at some of the most common errors that occur with WordPress sites.

  • Unable to establish a database connection

If the login credentials stored in your database are not correct or match up, then you will see this message show up. Don’t panic because this is easily fixed. Go back into your admin panel and make sure that the database is intact and not missing any files required to make it run properly. While you are in the admin panel, also make sure that your credentials such as password and login are correct. You will most likely discover the root cause of the connection issue from there.

  • Locked out of the phpMyAdmin control panel

There may come a time when you get locked out of your phpMyAdmin and in order to remedy this, try and recover your password from the WordPress login screen. If you don’t receive any recovery email after that then you will need to go into your phpMyAdmin control panel and manually rest the admin address. If you use cPannel you may also be able to initiate a forced change of password using the “quick install” tool.

  • Login Page Refresh or Redirecting Problem

If you are being redirected back the main login page anytime you try and login, this might be because you have incorrectly stored values for the site. This can be fixed by deleting the .htaccess file, deleting cookies in your web browser, deactivating plugins that may be causing an issue.

  • WordPress White Screen

If you have reached the PHP memory limit, all you will see when trying to load your WordPress site is just a white screen. This can be really frustrating but can be easily fixed. Try disabling all plugins on the site as these take up valuable memory, try changing themes or increase the memory limit barrier within PHP to allow the site to operate properly.

  • Connections Timing Out

This is a fairly common issue and can be fixed by preforming some basic tasks that are similar to the points outlined in issue number 4. Increasing the PHP memory is a good start and also try to switch to a basic theme and disable all plugins. Wait for the site to return to normal and then you can go back to the original theme and reactivate your plugins.

These are just a few of the common issues that come up when using WordPress from time to time and hopefully you feel more equipped to handle these situations when they arise. If you are truly stuck and don’t know where to go, WordPress offers some exception customer help services and would be more than happy to help you out of any common situation that might happen.


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