Search For Tills in Devon? You may want to look into this excellent EPOS Till Systems


EPOS Till Systems can vastly improve how your business operates. If you are in search for Tills Devon based solutions, we will inform you about the best ones and the set of features you will get.



Usually, EPOS Solutions that are effective and full functional need to have set of features that can increase the control over the business’s services, products and management. If you are in search for the best EPOS Till Systems, one company that should always be in your mind is SWSystems and our range of high performance, Casio branded products.

The Japanese consumer and commercial electronics manufacturing company earned critical acclaim for its EPOS systems because of the amazing set of features and their integration with the cloud, making every piece of info related to the business available anywhere! They also have 40 years of service in the cash register and epos industry so they know what they are talking about in what retail businesses require from a till system

Casio Till Systems 



The two best products of the Casio Till Systems series are the Casio V-R7000 and the V-R100 EPOS Till models. In reality they basically offer similar features and advantages. The core values of the Casio products are entailed in both EPOS systems. They both are compatible with additional cloud back office software that can be of help for electronic reporting and head office management. Bellow we will emphasise several of the most important features that can benefit customers in the Devon area.

The first great features are the real-time cloud reporting. With a nicely coded software, users of the till systems will be able to see items sold, revenue, employees, top 50 best sellers, change prices and edit prices with ease. Other smart features include cloud based table plan. Both EPOS till systems enable detailed stock control that enables users to customise it to the tiniest detail possible. As these touch screen EPOS tills are built to be extremely intuitive, the business owners and employees will quickly get to know and make use of the features of these electronic cash registers.

The sense of control these EPOS systems give are impeccable. With few simple taps you can change prices, edit product names, add details, quantities on the cloud or on the front end till app software. Both systems entail hardware options like terminals, receipt printers, barcode scanners and even integration with mobile devices.

Anything you see on the Till app software are fully customisable and business owners can adjust it to their needs. Alternatively, there are helpful features that will increase and help with marketing such as the ability to integrate with points loyalty software using customer accounts and magnetic swipe cards or contactless smart cards.

Both systems have amazing high clarity touchscreens and the optional extra to have detailed cloud dashboards. Not only is our software customisable, but the hardware is amazing too. All systems are dust and drip proof for spills.

Type of businesses that can make use of Tills Devon EPOS Systems 

The EPOS Systems can be used in any industry, but are mostly aimed at retail scanning, retail non-scanning and hospitality businesses such as bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, events, nightclubs

Final Thoughts

Our Casio EPOS Tills are indeed a great management tool and offer excellent hardware and software solutions that will give great sense of control and improve the marketing and financial/administrative effectiveness. Since EPOS till systems were introduced roughly a decade ago, throughout the years Casio have proved that they provide one of the best EPOS till system solutions for the UK and worldwide. Call us today on 01392 275324, press 1 for sales for a quotation or email us at


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