Simultaneously display formulas and results in Excel

Simultaneous display formulas and results in Excel

Simultaneous display formulas and results in Excel

If you want the screen to show the formulas that are used in all fields, simply press Ctrl + ~ (tilde character ~ is located below the famous Esc).

If you want to see formulas and results in Excel, you have to do a bit more complicated task.

One solution is to create your own, user-defined VB function that will automatically modify the table for us.

With Alt + F11 you can enter the VBA editor and right click on the Project Explorer to show the context menu in which we can find Insert, followed by the Module. In the new window, we will write following code:

Function GetFormula (cell)
GetFormula = _
End Function

Now we can invoke this function formula = GetFormula (A1) whenever we need to show which formula is behind the calculated results as shown in the A1. Dragging a formula can bring all fields with needed information, while keeping aside all the existing results and do not disturb the formatting, unlike global Ctrl + ~ which almost all fields drastically expand.


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