App Review – Flipbook Animation Maker


Are you looking for an app where you can create your own animation video and gifs by using your own files or files you find on the web? It’s quite entertaining. It is a pleasure and even helps you make different unique videos and gifts for many different purposes. How to find the right and most efficient app for that? No worries, we looked and we found for you one amazing animation maker app which is offering all the features you need. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Flipbook Animation Maker?

Flipbook Animation Maker is one amazing animation maker app which is developed for android users. Using this simple and yet practical animation maker, the users will create basic simple 2D animations video and or gif video files from their camera, gallery, the web, search or trace, and draw or by option to use stylus or virtual pen. Users can use one single finger to move the mouse or two fingers for drawing. This app works better when used with stylus for drawing and offers creating unique gifs and videos for entertainment purposes, advertisements, presentations and many applications.

Why do we love this animation maker app?

This animation maker app is offering users a lot of features that will help them create the most incredible and unique gifs and videos for many different purposes. With the app, the user will use one finger to move the pencil and two fingers to draw or erase, or even use option to draw by using one finger or stylus, or double finger.  The app also offers pencil and eraser for drawing, color picker and choosing size of pencil and eraser. The user can insert an image or images, select, move, rotate and flip images, trace by selecting from his gallery or camera, moving, rotating or flipping. Inbuilt search for tracing images is offered as well and the user can resize, rotate and flip the trace image. Multiple layers and key-frames are offered as well and an onion view, onion toggle hide and show, also layers toggle with hide and show options. If the user needs he can use the feature to undo or redo his creations and even use frames for avi video animation and or gif video file creation. Tools such as drawing oval, rectangle, round rectangle, diamond, stars, polygon shapes are available and all of that with options for fill and stroke. This flipbook app don’t need drawing for each frame, for any changes in key-frame, the user can insert a key-frame and make changes for that layer and frame position.

Download the app for free on Google Play now and easily create the most unique videos and gifs!

Google Play Download Link: Flipbook Animation Maker